Final Project Proposals

February 22, 2010

Portfolio Website for myself.

1. Portfolio site for myself

This will be a website to used to showcase my graphic design work to potential schools/employers. The main focus would be on the work itself with a small section about me (not a blog or anything, just a quick overview of myself and my goals as a designer). It would serve as a portfolio, introduction and resume all in one place making it easy for people to see my work, get contact info, etc. Because all of the content would be produced by me, it would be easy to update and maintain. My main concern is that because the site is a piece of portfolio work itself, I wil have to make sure it looks good and can stand on its own. Also, because I am still studying it may be hard to find enough real content to put on the site.

2. Web based Literary Magazine

A good friend of mine wanted to start a literature and arts magazine, unfortunately she didn’t realize how expensive printing can be. As an alternative to traditional print based magazine, I could create a web based one. She has already decided on the overall theme of the magazine (title, style, focus, attutide, etc.) so I would just have to meet with her and work on how to bring what she wanted in print to the web. The main challenges would be to work within the style she wants and make it easy for her to make minor updates on her own once the site is complete.


One Response to “Final Project Proposals”

  1. gigi-mo Says:

    Either of these options would be great for your final project.

    Portfolio – considering you are looking to transfer soon, this would of course fulfill a need. I think you have plenty of work (that I’ve seen so far) to include – you just need to identify how to classify it. Are you taking CAT 240 this semester? If so, then the blog portfolio you create in that class might suffice for now, so you can choose option 2 for your project…

    Option 2, Literary Magazine – this sounds like a great idea and an interesting project to work on. Does your friend have content for the website? Articles, images, etc? It would be a great exercise for you to take a print project and make it feasible for the web. Talk to your friend, explain the requirements and deadlines for the class, and see if she is OK with them.

    As for minor updates – there are content management options I can refer you to at the end of class, so your friend can update the site and not compromise the template or design!

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